How To Get Jobs From Your Google My Business Listing

How To Get Jobs From Your Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business listing is one of the most overlooked tools for getting jobs for your restoration business. When used correctly, you will really stand out to customers that need your services. From how to get started to maximizing your exposure, learn how to get more jobs from your Google My Business listing.

What Is A Google My Business Listing?

You may think Google is just a search engine or a map, but it’s actually a very powerful tool for reaching customers. The key to getting more jobs from Google is your Google My Business listing.

How To Get Jobs From Your Google My Business Listing | Example of a Google My Business listing as it appears in search results
Example of a Google My Business listing as it appears in search results.

Your Google My Business listing appears on the right side of Google search results when customers search for your business name. It includes your business name, address, phone number and more.

It also appears within Google Maps when customers select your business. For example, if customers search for restoration companies, you’ll appear in a list of contractors in that area. Your information is included in your list there as well.

While this may sound like just a phone book listing, it’s really so much more. Not only can you list your business hours and website address, but your customers can get involved with your business too.

Getting Jobs With your Google My Business Listing | Example of the contact information section
Example of the contact information section.

They can read reviews from other customers or write their own. Customers can even ask questions about your services or message you directly.

There are benefits for you, too. You can add photos to your listing to showcase your work and increase visibility. It also allows you to make posts, which are basically little ads inside your listing.

Getting Jobs With your Google My Business Listing | Example of the reviews and questions and answers section
Example of the reviews and questions and answers section.

Posts include a photo and a small amount of text that allows you to promote a special or highlight an event. They are effective at promoting your services. Each post is visible for about 2 weeks, so remember to update them regularly.

Use these posts like you would a social media post or even like a coupon. It’s best to target something specific like seasonal air conditioning cleaning or spring mold testing.

With disaster mitigation, put up a post during severe weather to remind customers about your services. For example, you could mention the specific storm. Flooded after Hurricane Katrina? Call now for water removal and dry-out.

Getting Jobs With your Google My Business Listing | Example of a recent Google My Business post
Example of a recent Google My Business post.

The other benefit of all of these extra tools is that it makes it easier for customers to find your business. Even if they don’t search for your name, your reviews, posts and questions and answers help you appear higher in search results.

How Much Does It Cost?

Google My Business offers a lot of great features, so you’re probably wondering how much it costs. But actually it’s completely free to use.

It takes less than an hour to get started and you can manage it with just a few minutes each week. That sounds like a small price to pay for a great opportunity to get more jobs.

How To Get More Jobs From Your Google My Business Listing

From how to claim and set up your listing to managing your account, here are ways you can get more jobs from your Google My Business listing.

  • Claim Your Free Listing – You can claim your listing by searching for your business name. Read this Google article for instructions for setting up your account.
  • Update Your Contact Information – Then review your existing contact information and update anything that is incorrect.
  • Verify Your Business Hours – Check your business hours to and make updates where necessary. If you offer 24-hour services, you should still enter business hours. Set them as 12 am to 12 am.
  • Add Your Logo And Photos – Upload your business logo and photos of recent jobs. This really increases your visibility, plus can build trust with customers.
  • Setup Messenger – Google My Business allows customers to message you, so make sure you set this feature up. This way you’ll get notified when you get a message from a customer. Include a default message that gets sent to customers. If you offer emergency services, consider having the message say to call you for immediate response.
  • Create Posts – Posts are like tiny ads inside your listing. They expire after a period of time though, so make sure you update them frequently. These are especially effective if you post them during severe weather too.
  • Respond To Reviews – Customers can leave reviews on your listing as well, so check them regularly. Whether positive or negative, always thank the customer for their honest feedback. If the review is negative, follow up with the customer by phone to address their issue.
  • Answer Questions – Your listing also includes a Questions & Answers feature where customers can ask questions. Other customers can answer those questions as well, so make sure you check these regularly. You should respond to every question that is asked with as much detail as possible.
  • Update Your Hours For Holidays – Another great feature is the ability to set holiday hours. Check your account the week before any major holiday and set your holiday hours. Ideally, you just want to let customers know you’re open in case of an emergency.
  • Check Your Listing Regularly – The key to getting jobs from your Google listing is to keep it updated and respond to customers. Log in to your account at least once a week, if not every weekday. Also, make sure you get emails when customers leave reviews or ask questions.

Getting More Jobs Is About Diversifying Your Marketing

If you’re looking to grow your business, you can’t rely on just one method of marketing. You never know how a customer may look for the services you offer, so it’s important to target them in as many ways as possible.

From your phone number on your truck to your website to your Google My Business listing, the goal is to make it easy for customers to find you.

Some of the methods, like your Google My Business page, will only cost a few minutes of your time. Others, like paid ads or direct mail pieces, will cost time and money.

The goal is to get leads from a mix of both free and paid sources. With the right marketing strategy, free and paid jobs will balance themselves out. In the end, you create value with an overall lower cost per lead.

This allows you to spend your marketing dollars more effectively. However, avoid narrowing your strategy too much. Just because on method works today doesn’t mean it will continue to pay off year over year.

Buying Leads Is Another Form Of Marketing

Some businesses are reluctant to buy leads, but they are really no different than other marketing tools available. Like any other marketing channel, you need to track both the cost and quality of the leads you get.

And cost isn’t just dollars, you need to consider your time as well. While writing a blog post for your website might be free, it still takes time. The only time commitment when buying leads is answering the call and verifying the job.

If you’re ready to get more jobs, we have flat-rate leads available now across the country. Get leads for water, fire, mold, biohazard, plumbing, and carpet cleaning services.

Unlike other lead companies, we aren’t sending that customer to dozens of restoration companies. Each lead is sent to just one contractor, so you’re the first and only partner talking to that customer.

As long as you validate the lead, you only pay for the lead when it meets our billable criteria. It must be the homeowner or decision-maker calling about a service you’re signed up for in an area where you are active. You don’t pay for wrong numbers or spam calls, just real job opportunities.

If you’re ready to learn more about our fair and flexible leads, book a free demo now or call 888-594-8381 to talk with one of our business development managers.

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