3 Reasons to Maintain Marketing Spend in a Downturn (and Why)

The notion of maintaining marketing spend during – or in anticipation of – a recession may seem counterintuitive. You might be thinking of cutting spend…

But you’d be wrong.

Before you consider cutting your marketing budget in a recession, consider these three reasons to stay the course.

1. We’ve been here before. Often (and recently).

Downturns produce winners and losers. But winners from the last few downturns have had the same formula: 1.) maintain and optimize budgets 2.) weather the storm and 3.) see success in the long run.

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Five Strategies to Economy Proof Your Business with Strategic Marketing

In the home improvement industry, adapting and thriving in many economic conditions is a key challenge every business owner faces. Our recent webinar, “Five Strategies to Economy Proof Your Business With Strategic Marketing,” brought Socius, MarketSharp, and PulseM experts together to provide valuable insights and digital marketing tips. Scroll to the bottom of this blog to watch the full replay or read on for key takeaways from the webinar.

Key Takeaway #1: Diversify Your Marketing Mix for Optimal Reach

Harness different marketing channels,

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The Cost of Plumbing Leads: How Much It Costs to Get More Plumbing Jobs

The Cost of Plumbing Leads: Understanding how much it costs to get more plumbing jobs

If you’re looking to get more plumbing jobs, the amount it costs to create those opportunities should be one of your biggest concerns. From print ads to paid search, you need to so type of marketing or advertising so customers find your business. For some businesses, it’s hard to know where to start. We look at the 4 most common options for marketing your plumbing business and compare the cost of plumbing leads generated by each of them.

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