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3 Reasons to Maintain Marketing Spend in a Downturn (and Why)

The notion of maintaining marketing spend during – or in anticipation of – a recession may seem counterintuitive. You might be thinking of cutting spend…

But you’d be wrong.

Before you consider cutting your marketing budget in a recession, consider these three reasons to stay the course.

1. We’ve been here before. Often (and recently).

Downturns produce winners and losers. But winners from the last few downturns have had the same formula: 1.) maintain and optimize budgets 2.) weather the storm and 3.) see success in the long run.

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The Importance of Having Multiple Lead Generation Sources

lead generation sources

No matter the size of your home service business, lead generation is important to your overall marketing strategy. Simply put, a lead is someone who has expressed interest in your services or products. The more quality leads you capture, the more jobs you can book and grow your business. When you are trying to book more jobs, it’s important to understand the value of having multiple lead generation sources.

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How to Grow Your Home Service Business During a Crisis

Grow Your Home Service Business

Without a doubt, COVID-19 left a major impact on home service contractors. Whether customers are dealing with financial issues or are just worried about keeping their family safe, they are more cautious than ever when it comes to hiring a contractor. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your home service business during a crisis. From communicating with customers to adjusting your marketing strategy, we look at five ways to generate high-quality leads and grow your home service business during a crisis.

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How Home Service Contractors Can Close More High-Quality Leads

Close High-Quality Leads

Home services contractors rely on leads to grow their business. However, sometimes closing leads is harder than generating them in the first place. While your marketing and sales tactics encourage customers to buy, we’ve found there are three unexpected strategies for closing high-quality leads. From dealing with questions around cost to following up, these strategies will help you close more high-quality leads and land more customers.

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How to Launch a Marketing Campaign

How to Launch a Marketing Campaign | How to Get Jobs with Marketing

Marketing is one of the last things people think about when they start a business. You might be able to be successful without marketing, but that’s usually not a sustainable business practice. If you’re looking to get more leads for your home services business and increase your revenue, you will need to put some time and money into launching a marketing campaign.

Why You Need Marketing to Grow Your Business

Without some type of marketing,

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How To Get Jobs From Your Google My Business Listing

How To Get Jobs From Your Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business listing is one of the most overlooked tools for getting jobs for your restoration business. When used correctly, you will really stand out to customers that need your services. From how to get started to maximizing your exposure, learn how to get more jobs from your Google My Business listing.

What Is A Google My Business Listing?

You may think Google is just a search engine or a map,

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Get Reviews on Google: How More Google Reviews Will Get You More Jobs

How More Google Reviews Will Get You More Jobs

Most customers consider reviews, especially Google reviews, the same as a personal recommendation. When they need a service, they’ll search for companies and then look at the reviews and pick the best fit for their needs. As with any other type of marketing or advertising, the goal of asking for Google Reviews is to get more jobs. Although asking for Google reviews is free, it can take more effort. But as long as you ask consistently,

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Answering the Phone is the Key to More Water Damage Jobs: How to Get More After Hours Water Damage Calls Without Using Automated Phone Systems and Call Centers

Getting More Water Damage Jobs Starts With Answering The Phone: Water damage is still a phone-based industry and customer with a sewage backup doesn’t want to 'Press 1' or wait for an expert to call them back.

Every day we talk to contractors looking to get more water damage jobs. One of the most surprising things is the number that use IVRs or call centers. Although they may seem like a good idea, they are likely preventing you from getting jobs.

Despite many technological advancements, water damage and disaster mitigation is still a phone-based industry. A customer with water damage or a sewage backup doesn’t want to “Press 1” or wait for an expert to call them back.

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Blocking Spam Calls May Impact Leads: How to Avoid Blocking Incoming Leads

Blocking Spam Calls: How to Avoid Blocking Incoming Leads

Few things are as frustrating as spam calls. Depending on how you handle these spam calls, you could end up blocking incoming leads. As annoying as these calls are, blocking the number could impact the number of leads you get. We look at alternatives to blocking spam calls that ensure you don’t end up blocking real calls from customers.

Looking for More Leads and Jobs? We Send Exclusive, High-Quality Leads. Schedule a Free Demo Now.

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